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And Miles To Go Before I Sleep

Title: And Miles to Go Before I Sleep
Pairing: Remus/Logan
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Vomited up in about 20 minutes after pervvvy muse laurel_tx gave me the idea.

...to turn all his metal back into boneCollapse )


Title: Three Christmases
Rating: R (to be safe)
Warnings: brocest, youngish characters
Author's notes: merry christmas quirkie! I hope you like it.

Regulus had on his imaginary invisibility cloak anyway.Collapse )
Title: How James Fucked Sirius (And Still Wound Up Straight) OR, Lily Is Just That Hot
Rating: unrepentant NC-17
Word count: 2,591
Pairing: that would be telling
Warnings: PWP, dirty talk, sex toys, little teeny bit of cest, group sex, slash, HET, and something very unsanitary that they can only get away with because they're magic and Lily uses an non-specified cleaning spell (but it gets the point across very well)
Author's notes: for laurel_tx's Make Sure James is Really Straight Challenge. I am powerless to resist, even if I don't like James all that much. Which is why I gotta make it kinda squicky.

“Boys. What we’re about to do is dirty, unhealthy, probably perverted, and most likely illegal in most places.” Sirius looked as though he didn’t quite see what that had to do with anything.Collapse )


The Beach House

Title: The Beach House
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,175
Warnings: symbolic references to child abuse
Summary: Regulus has a very vivid imagination.
Author's notes: This was all laurel_tx's idea, I just ran with it.

His mother took him to their beach house that night.Collapse )

FIC: Honor

Title: Honor
Pairing: Remus/Regulus
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Death!fic
Summary: Regulus doesn't always have to be a douchebag about Remus' werewolfiness. He does have a thing for creatures suffering helplessly after all.

Regulus has his honor to think of and he carries it with him as he walking into the Forbidden Forrest.Collapse )

How it Happened

Rating: Pure smut.
Warning: Original character

Read more...Collapse )


Pairing: Sirius/Remus, implied Regulus/Sirius and Regulus/Remus
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Incest (duh)
Prompt: Library

Let me come with you, he thought.Collapse )


This is the most self centered thing I've ever written, ever, probably. And it's for laurel_tx. (facepalm.) But seriously, if you're not her, don't even bother.

...in which the wolves are cute and Reg is insensitive yet again
Rated: G

GiveCollapse )

FIC: Are you...?

Title: Are you...?
Rating: G
Characters: Logan, OC
Warnings: I am out of my goddamn mind
Notes: I couldn't let Valentine's Day pass by without a nod to my favorite couple, even when one of them never shows up.

Are you...?Collapse )
Title: Regulus and Sirius' Magical Disappearing Pants
Authors: christwise AND pervvymermaid
Rating: NC-17
Warnings/Enticements: Incest, death, the occasional rado tangent (mostly on my part)
Disclaimer: Seriously, not in the books. Unless I was reading the wrong version.
Notes: Roundrobin between pervvymermaid and I. She set the scene: Regulus catching Sirius as he falls through the curtain. We also decided that we could only write from one character's point of view. So everything Sirius says or thinks is mine, pervvymermaid wrote everything for Regulus.

It's not like I'm accusing you of necrophilia. It doesn't count when you're dead too.Collapse )